Best Nephrologist Online Consult in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

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Best Nephrologist Online Consult in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

August 22, 2022 0


A nephrologist is a type of doctor who specialises in kidney diseases. Not only do nephrologists specialise in diseases that affect the kidney, but they also understand how kidney disease or dysfunction can affect other parts of your body. we have one of the Best Nephrologist Online Consult in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Although your primary care physician will work with you to prevent and treat early stages of kidney disease, a nephrologist may be consulted to help diagnose and treat more severe or complex kidney conditions.

The following are the conditions that a nephrologist treats:

  • Urine containing blood or protein
  • Kidney disease that is chronic
  • Although a urologist can treat kidney stones
  • Infections of the kidneys
  • Kidney enlargement caused by glomerulonephritis or interstitial nephritis
  • Cancer of the kidney
  • Kidney polycystic disease
  • Hepatic uremic syndrome
  • Stenosis of the renal arteries
  • Syndrome nephrotic
  • End-stage renal disease
  • Acute and chronic kidney failure

So our Best Nephrologist Online Consult in Ghatkopar, Mumbai¬†offers treatments such as When a nephrologist sees a patient, he or she will usually go over the patient’s entire medical history as well as perform a physical examination. They recommend blood, urine, and imaging tests based on the study and examination results to determine how well the patient’s kidneys and urinary tract are functioning. If they discover that the kidneys or urinary system are not functioning properly, he or she assists in determining the cause and developing a treatment plan. Nephrology specialists, also known as nephrologists, are internal medicine doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating kidney and urinary system diseases.

What Nephrologist Do?

Our Doctor Ketan Parikh who is Best Nephrologist Online Consult in Ghatkopar, Mumbai says that the Work of a Nephrologist Nephrology, often known as renal medicine, is a specialty of internal medicine that deals with kidney treatment. It usually has high blood pressure or hypertension as a connection. Medical specialists known as nephrologists diagnose, treat, and manage acute and chronic kidney conditions and disorders. They also address related conditions like hypotension, fluid retention, and mineral and electrolyte imbalances. Nephrologists are experts in renal health, and they look for kidney problems to help you stay healthy.

The internal medicine subspecialty of nephrology focuses on the detection and management of kidney problems. Nephrologists are specialists in treating basic kidney disorders as well as the systemic effects of renal dysfunction because the kidney performs so many essential functions. Nephrologists are typically called upon to aid and handle more difficult or advanced nephrologic illnesses, even though early kidney disease prevention, identification, and management make up a significant portion of general internal medicine practise.
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Many Best Nephrologist Online Consult in Ghatkopar, Mumbai Additionally, nephrologists visit patients in individual or group clinics, consult with other doctors, and follow patients with chronic kidney disease over time.


The aforementioned conditions are managed by nephrologists using non-surgical techniques. Before suggesting a surgical method of treatment for kidney stones, nephrologists also recommend non-surgical therapy. Medication, alternative therapies, and lifestyle changes that improve kidney function as well as general health and wellbeing are used to accomplish this.
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A nephrologist doctor also monitors patients with end-stage renal disease who have been diagnosed with it.
The institute’s nephrologists manage and oversee all aspect of care, including early intervention, dialysis support, transplant, and clinical research. Renowned institutions have trained the nephrologists on our staff.

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