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The judiciary can punish life-savers too!
Tough times needs strong efforts: Get customised Pediatric Speciality Opinion on PyraMed and protect yourself from medico-legal troubles.

Timely second opinions, relevant specialist opinions and following the most recent updated protocols are best practices that we as doctors need to bring in to our daily practice to avoid medical negligence.

Patients also need to be made aware that when their doctor reaches out to another specialist or super-specialist it is because he/she wants to add more value to their care plan.

PyraMed Telemedicine offers joint video consultations, which are a very useful tool for doctors to reach out to specialists and super-specialists.

A 2009 oncology case where the sentencing was done recently highlights this issue of following updated protocols.


June 17, 2021 HealthcareNews0

A local court in Kerala recently sentenced an obstetrician to 1 year of jail for failure to deliver a baby in time resulting in the death of the child in 2007. Whereas, the merits of the case can always be debated, it is very clear that society and courts are becoming increasingly hostile to perceived medical errors. Whereas, many such situations may arise due to errors of judgement, it is necessary that the medical professional documents the exercise of due diligence while taking the decision. One such act of due diligence could be a timely second opinion.

PyraMed enables doctors to get a second opinion by discussing the case with peers/ specialists on a joint video-consultation platform from the comfort of their clinics, using a smartphone.



COVID-19 lockdown has brought a shutdown of physical interaction with school friends, increase screen time and change in sleep patterns of Indian school-going teenagers.

Despite the increase in virtual interactions students still miss meeting their friends and this is affecting their academic performance and sleep patterns.

Here is an interesting study of this ‘virtual reality’.



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