Recommendation from Dr. Amdekar

Dr Y.K. Amdekar
Yasmin Villa, 27th Road Consulting Pediatrician off Linking Road, Bandra

Dear Friends,

I was recently introduced to a unique telemedicine project designed by my close friend and Pediatric surgeon – Dr Ketan Parikh.

I wish to state that I am not a part of this project and I have no conflict of interest.

I feel that this platform can be a great help to primary care pediatricians and their patients especially from areas not easily accessible to specialized opinion. We all are aware that many patients in certain districts of our country may not have an easy access to a pediatrician and pediatricians in several other districts may not have access to pediatric super specialists.

This project is planned to bridge this gap to make it convenient for patients as well as primary pediatricians to seek timely help of super-specialists without travelling to other centers. This project is user-friendly and offers the pediatrician and his/her patient a possibility to consult a super-specialist on a digital platform, similar to physical consultation.

The project plans to extend this facility free of charge to government doctors in the medical colleges, at the same time offering a token honorarium to super-specialists for their support.

I wish Dr Ketan Parikh and PyraMed Telemedicine my best wishes and I am sure, it will play a pivotal role in the betterment of pediatric care in the country.

With kind regards

Dr Y K Amdekar

Recommendation from Dr. Pravin Mehta

Dr. Pravin J. Mehta (M.D., D.C.H. (Bom), F.I.A.P)

Jack N – Jill Nursing Home, Garodia Nagar, Ghatkopar

Dear Medical Colleagues,

Recently, I have been introduced to the PyraMed Telemedicine Application. This has been developed by a friend – Dr. Ketan Parikh (a senior pediatric surgeon) and is meant for doctors. It is easy and very safe to use.

It is not a shopping place where patients can shop for doctors but a genuine clinical tool where primary referring doctors stay in control of their patient’s healthcare plan and conduct joint video consultation with a specialist.

This app is the right tool to help us make specialist care accessible in all corners of the country. I strongly recommend that all doctors must use this tool and take a strong step towards digital health.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Pravin Mehta


Recommendation from Dr. Vijay Yewale

Dr. Vijay Yewale (M.D., D.C.H. (Bom), F.I.A.P)

President Indian Academy of Paediatrics-2014

Editor- Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal

HOD, Institute of Child Health, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai

Yewale Hospital, Sector 9, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The PyraMed Telemedicine App for Joint Video Consultation between Primary or referring doctor and Secondary or referred doctoris truly unique.

It does not replace the need for a doctor, it empowers the primary doctor and helps him/her to stay in control of their patients health as per the Pyramidal model of Healthcare.

It is an easy to use application and will help us make specialist healthcare accessible to patients across India.

I recommend this new digital tool to all my doctor friends and colleagues.

With Regards

Dr. Vijay Yewale


Recommendation from Dr. Vishnu Biradar

Dr. Vishnu Biradar (Paediatric Gastroenterologist)

The PyraMed Joint Video Consultation is a very easy to use tool for a complete tele consultation- so much more than just a phone call or a social media chat. The primary doctor being part of the consultation helps the specialist in getting all relevant information very easily, also the primary doctor ensures that the specialist’s advice is explained properly to the patient. There is continuity of care. It is very useful as a first and second opinion option for both doctors and patients. All primary doctors must use it to reach out to specialists at the right time.

With Regards

Dr. Vishnu Biradar



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Get it on Google Play

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