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    PyraMed thanks The Institute of Medicine and Law – IML  for creating a medico-legal helpdesk for doctors

To address the issue of lack awareness and knowledge about laws amongst doctors, which at times leads to unpleasant consequence; IML has started HelpDesk for doctors in close partnership with medical associations. It will make efforts to educate doctors and provide them with the requisite legal help in situations where the doctor is charged or threatened with criminal proceedings or is facing police action for medical negligence.
Doctors can now register to volunteer for this exercise. IML will train volunteers from amongst the doctors who wish to contribute to the cause of spreading awareness about the rights and privileges accorded to doctors in cases of criminal medical negligence.

IML will provide the content and reference material, and also conduct training sessions for these volunteers on this subject. These trained volunteers will in turn conduct more training sessions and share this legal knowledge and information amongst peers in their association and/or locality.

IML will not charge these volunteers for the training, and they will also not charge anything for educating their fraternity.

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