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Very often what may seem like a regular run of the mill tummy ache may not be what it seems. Here are some ready reckoner Clinical Tips by Renowned Specialists brought to you by PyraMed #PyraMed is a unique #healthtech #startup that #empowers #primarycarephysicians by enabling them to have #jointvideoconsultations with #medicalspecialists from across the country, for their patients. They can have these consultations on their phone, in their clinic and under their supervision. Their patient loyalty and retention increases and they remain #medicolegally safe. These joint Video consultations are an easy and effective way to ensure continuity of care for the patients and bridge the gap in specialty care.

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PyraMed supports rational antibiotic usage. PyraMed joint video consultations are a valuable tool for doctors to enhance case based learning and get opinions from their peers and seniors.

Sharing a short video skit by leading Paediatricians, Dr.Yeshwant Amdekar, Dr.Vijay Yewale and Dr.Dhanya Dharmapalan. This is an awareness video and all three senior doctors in the skit support rational antibiotic usage. In no way does the skit depict/indicate any individual doctor/s practice trends/habits etc.

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Wry Neck : The chin pulled down towards a shoulder?

Torticollis or Wry Neck isĀ  a rare condition in which the neck muscles contract, causing the head to twist to one side.

Torticollis can be inherited and is seen soon after birth. This form may resolve without treatment.

The most common type causes the chin to pull toward the shoulder. Symptoms include a limited range of head motion, headache or neck pain.

Torticollis in children results due to fibrosis of one of the sternomastoid muscles of the neck.

Injecting botulinum toxin into the affected muscles often reduces the symptoms of torticollis. Physiotherapy or surgery may also be required.

Access the link to watch a video of a successful Torticollis Surgery.


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