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Managing any disaster – man-made or natural, needs resources and accessibility to those resources. Healthcare delivery is steeped in inequities; especially in India. The urban and rural gap is accessibility and availability of healthcare resources is unbridged as yet.

In such a scenario it is a ginormous task to face the current healthcare disaster, let alone battle it.

Read on to know what the public health experts have to say about this.


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Is that possible? Just get a chip inserted in your brain and you do not need to pay thousands of green notes to buy motivation to stay fit? What if the chip could tell the kids to study and clean their rooms – would there be no need for mommy??

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has come up with a chip which prompts the chimp to play a video game without a joystick – just by thinking of his next moves.

The horizon is open to a flood of possibilities – we can can think and make war or peace just happen!

Read on to know more about this exciting new discovery –https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tech-neuralink-monkey-idUSKBN2BW2H2


April 12, 2021 HealthcareNews0

Accused of data manipulation by the US, AstraZeneca has faced unprecedented scrutiny over the past six months. What is the reality behind the trials and the data related to these trials? Is it just ‘proxy’ defamation due to political leanings or a truly mismanaged trial?

Read on to find out how a ‘communication’ disaster has created a web of misconceptions.


Continuous learning is essential for doctors all throughout their clinical practice.

Here we share with you an interesting study which proves:

In low resource settings, tele-mentoring (tele-consultation between doctors) was able to significantly change the diagnosis especially in non-communicable diseases (NCD). In a clinical setting: this can improve health care outcomes, reduce cost of health-care (by avoiding wasteful investigations and therapy) besides protecting the primary doctor from unnecessary litigious assaults.




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