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Extreme Weather Conditions? No Need to Travel to Hospitals with Pyramed Telemedicine!

Extreme weather conditions can pose numerous challenges, making it difficult for individuals to access essential healthcare services. Storms, heavy snowfall, floods, or even scorching heatwaves can hinder travel and restrict the availability of medical facilities. However, with the revolutionary concept of PyraMed telemedicine, you no longer need to worry about braving dangerous weather conditions to visit a hospital. PyraMed telemedicine enables patients to connect with specialist doctors by visiting their nearest general practitioners / family doctor . PyraMed telemedicine is transforming healthcare accessibility during extreme weather conditions.


For more information : OPD footfall, surgery numbers dip in Kol – OPD footfall, surgery numbers dip in Kol via @ETHealthWorld Pyramed offers an effective alternative to OPD visits during extreme weather conditions.

A recent retrospective study in Italy has shown that obesity and hyperinsulinemia in children and adolescents have been responsible for a lower testicular volume and thus male infertility.

Click here for the  full article:  obesity-testicular volume

Pyramed helps primary doctors anywhere in India to connect to the best adult and pediatric specialists in the country and treat their patients well in time with minimal expense


 In a recent move, the government has taken a decisive step to ban 14 fixed-dose combination drugs, including the widely used medication Nimesulide. Citing potential risks to public health, regulatory authorities have undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of these drug combinations. Nimesulide, known for its effectiveness in pain relief and reducing inflammation, has faced concerns regarding its impact on liver health. By implementing this ban, the government aims to prioritize the well-being and safety of the population. This decision underscores the government’s commitment to stringent regulatory measures and their proactive approach to safeguarding public health. For additional information, please consult the linked article.


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