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Children visit hospitals and clinics as both patients and visitors. These visits can be made stress free for the children and their parents and be the point of cultivation of a positive health-access behaviour in the future healthcare consumer.

Paediatric friendly healthcare spaces need to be :

  1. Safe (height, blunt-edges, padded non-slippery flooring etc.)
  2. Hygiene friendly (since extra contact surfaces are included i.e play-area/toys etc. all these should be hygiene friendly)
  3. Appealing (lighting, colour scheme, noise etc.)
  4. Engaging (toys, play-areas, wall murals etc.)
  5. Compliant with statutory and mandatory healthcare infrastructural requirements (space allocation to each room and bed type, fire safety, direction signage etc.)

Read the following articles to get a better idea of how we can keep our young patients safe and smiling.








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Wry Neck : The chin pulled down towards a shoulder?

Torticollis or Wry Neck is  a rare condition in which the neck muscles contract, causing the head to twist to one side.

Torticollis can be inherited and is seen soon after birth. This form may resolve without treatment.

The most common type causes the chin to pull toward the shoulder. Symptoms include a limited range of head motion, headache or neck pain.

Torticollis in children results due to fibrosis of one of the sternomastoid muscles of the neck.

Injecting botulinum toxin into the affected muscles often reduces the symptoms of torticollis. Physiotherapy or surgery may also be required.

Access the link to watch a video of a successful Torticollis Surgery.

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Recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) is a common problem of childhood. When conservative treatment does not work, diagnostic laparoscopy has often shown that the culprit is ILEAL ADHESIONS. These adhesions need to be released.

Access the link to read about how these adhesions occur and are to be treated.

February 13, 2021 HealthcareNews1

Drug Authority of India is not making calls and asking for Aadhar and other important details from  senior citizens with relation to the COVID-19 vaccine drive. The vaccine drive is a very important public health initiative and we must ensure that it is de-plagued of all fraudulent rumors and activities.

Read more at: https://www.oneindia.com/fact-check/fake-drug-authority-of-india-is-not-asking-senior-citizens-their-details-on-covid-19-vaccine-3198471.html


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The Pandemic has completely repainted the global healthcare canvas and India has not been spared. An epoch making budget targeted at making India more healthier has just been declared. Does it focus on the grass root issues of primary healthcare? How is it being delivered to the end user? What is the exact split of allocation?

Read ahead, access the links and get a thorough overview of what is being said about this historic budgetary allocation.



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Living donor liver transplantation in small infants is a significant challenge. Liver allografts from adults may be large in size. This is accompanied by problems of graft perfusion, dysfunction, and the inability to achieve primary closure of the abdomen. Monosegment grafts are a way to address these issues. Monosegment grafts are suitable to use for small infants below 6 kg weight.They allow primary closure of the abdomen in a safe and effective manner. Reduction in situ in the living donor is safe and easily reproducible.

Dr. Vishnu Biradar, Paediatric Gastroenterologist along with an illuminary team of doctors has just published a paper on monosegment grafts in infant liver transplantation cases where mono-segment 2 liver allografts were used successfully.

Acces the link below to read ahead.


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